Projects/Prince of Wales Camden

After moving our Gio Goi headquarters to London, the obvious next step would have been to open a flagship store. Instead (as usual) we went a different way…and bought a pub. We wanted to own a place where people could do what they wanted in a great atmosphere.

The place was a mess when we took it over, so we got it all refurbished - in exactly the same style. The result was an up to date pub with an old skool decor - it even had carpet on the floors!

Jon McClure opened the pub and we hosted several residents nights including "Cherry Cola" with Finley Quaye and "Sh*t the bed" with Tom Frog. Other famous names to appear at gigs included Phil Smith (Oasis's official DJ). Other events included Kid British, Babyshambles, The Kooks, Pete Doherty, to name but a few. On one special night even we saw the reformation of the Libertines, with Pete Doherty and Carl Barat on stage together for the first time since the band split.