Projects/Warehouse Parties & Raves

A big part of our lives has been based around music and fashion, so naturally event organisation is in our blood. With the arrival of the Acid House phenomenon in 1988 we saw an opportunity to bring our natural passion for this scene to the people in the know.

On October the 8th 1988 we organised the first illegal rave in the North West called "Sweat it out". Located in a deserted warehouse on the outskirts of central Manchester, everyone who was anyone was there. Despite the lack of any photographic evidence the resulting chaos has gone down in folk-lore. Only the 1000 odd people who attended now know the true meaning of what it was like to be at the forefront of the illegal rave revolution.

Two of the most prolific DJ's of the time, Mike Pickering and John de Silva, put most modern DJ's to shame, performing for fourteen hours straight!

The next morning Police stumbled upon the scene and, having never experienced anything like it before, they were clueless as what to do and no arrests were made.

Naturally, having acquired a taste for promoting intimate raves in England's North West, the only place to go was up. So we collaborated with our southern counterparts to organise JOY. This time it was an outdoor event with 3stages, 30 DJs, a fairground and various stalls selling everything from merchandise to fruit.

Based in Ashworth Valley Rochdale, we expected a good attendance...but when over 10,000 revellers turned up we knew that our mission to bring Acid House to the masses was complete.

Initially the police intervened and shut us down. However after realising the scale of the event and the repercussions of leaving people to wander the fields in a daze, the only option open to them was to contain the crowds and let the mayhem continue.

And the rest, as they say, is history...