About the Donnellys

Anthony and Christopher Donnelly were born in Manchester. They were raised in and around the business of scrap metal, with their family's breakers yard based in the centre of Manchester. In those early years they lived in Benchill, Wythenshawe, which was then the largest council estate in Europe.

The boys soon became notorious on the estate, travelling the length and breadth of the UK and Europe with their beloved football team but that all ended with the advent of Acid House and the explosion of the summer of love.

Their sister Tracey worked for the infamous Factory Records and it was Tracey who introduced Anthony and Chris to the world-renowned nightclub, The Hacienda. Tony H. Wilson immediately took a shine to the maverick siblings and soon became their mentor.

Anthony and Chris soon got down to business in the Acid House scene and joined ranks with London promoters organising some of the biggest raves the North and South had ever witnessed. "Sweat It Out" was Manchester's first illegal warehouse party, which has now gone down in folklore, some say on par with the seminal and groundbreaking Sex Pistols gig at Manchester's Free Trade Hall.

Amongst the crowds that were witness to this pioneering event were some major up and coming characters from the burgeoning music scene that included Noel Gallagher, members of the Stone Roses, DJ Mike Pickering who went on to form M People...to name but a few. Also in attendance were established artists such as The Smiths and New Order along with major players from the music industry, all who were drawn to this new and exciting movement that was unfolding.

Before long the brothers managed to put on the largest rave the North had ever witnessed called "Joy" taking place in Ashworth Valley. Tens of thousands of people showed up and subsequently carried on for 24 hours, which in turn gave rise to the tagline 24-hour party people, made infamous by the Happy Mondays. The brothers had soon acquired a status for throwing the best parties and their notoriety caught the unwanted attention of the Police.

Parliament held an emergency meeting to pass a new bill in which MPs named the Donnellys personally as being a menace to society and the main organisers behind this revolution they called Acid House... it was time to move on...

Clobber had always been the brothers 'thing' from being involved in the early football casuals scene. Looking for another direction to vent their passion, a decision was made that they would form a brand that epitomised their experiences, attitude and ultimately their own characters. Gio-Goi was born...

The brothers burst onto the fashion stage in London and Paris taking an entourage of friends along for the ride and causing mayhem whenever possible. It was more like a rock and roll band as opposed to a rock and roll brand. Vivienne Westwood was quoted as saying that Anthony and Chris Donnelly were at the forefront of fashion and music, ambassadors for a generation.

Still making that link between music and fashion, the boys have a new generation of rock and roll celebrities wearing their brands, including Pete Doherty, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse and Tom Meighan from Kasabian to name but a few.

Currently in production is a biographical film about them laying out their trail of destruction and all the ups and downs along the way. It will be played out on the big screen and is being produced by their new production company Donnelly24 in which Stephen Graham will play Anthony Donnelly (Stephen is currently playing Al Capone in a Martin Scorsese new nine part HBO series).

Other projects on the go include the launch of a new underground brand Y.O. (yourownclothing.com). As Gio-Goi becomes more mainstream, Y.O. will take it back to the beginning, creating a brand for those with an ear to the ground. Thousands have already signed up to the new brand without a garment even being produced after the Donnellys produced a cult music video for the Deadmau5 hit 'I Remember' which premiered the first glimpse of Your Own Clothing....

Welcome to their world.